photo of 3 course dinner menu choices for restaurant week

Restaurant Week May 31-June 9, 2024 | Price Fixed 3-Course Dinner Menu |$59 per person not including beverage, tax or tip.

Vicky's salutes the return of Restaurant Week, offering residents and visitors 10 days of exquisite dining experiences throughout our nine-city oasis. Whether you're eager to try out a few new places, support local restaurants, or enjoy more of your long-time favorites, you'll find something for every palate. Vicky's of Santa Fe will be offering a $59 price fixed 3-course dinner menu and our regular dinner menu.

Open Tuesday-Saturday. Closed Sunday & Monday. Dinner Reservations Required in Dining Rooms & Music Lounge 5pm-9:30pm. Bar 4:30pm-10pm | Live Music Nightly.